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About Us

Who We Are

We are a mobile based application which deals with linking teachers and parents and allows them to have real-time tracking of students

Our Vision

To enable digitization in schools and disrupting the traditional approach to manage data and help parents get real-time updates

Our Mission

To help schools and institutes adapt digital technologies, ease the work and lead to better management of students


Students Statistics

Real-time tracking of student activities such as attendance, homework, test marks, behavior and more. The app allows parents and teachers to get constant monitoring of the student with few clicks.

Data Management

Multiple data management allows better interaction with students. Data such as attendance, homework, test, results, notices, leaves, complaints, remarks and more will be stored and managed

Academic Planning

Application consists of academic planning which allows the parents get an idea of the entire year school activities. Bridging the gap between teachers and parents, handling and managing data becomes easier.

Tracking Individual Student

Having real-time tracking of students deals to better attention to one's ward and lead to better overall growth of the child. It also helps the school and management for overall development of the school.

How It Works

Secured Login using Email/Mobile No. and Password

Access to Teacher/Parent Dashboard

Access to Student Information in Real-time

Real-time Push Notifications and SMS Alerts

Secured Web-based Admin Panel for the School


Why TechnoSkool?

Access to exclusive features and sections, TechnoSkool allows you'll (teachers/parents) to monitor students in a very detailed manner and in real-time

Exclusive Features

TechnoSkool consists of some exclusive features like, Behavior Management, Syllabus Tracking, Exam Portion Details, Fees Payment through UPI and more. App also includes real-time updates through push notifications and SMS alerts.

Data Security and Maintenance

TechnoSkool uses Amazon Web Server (AWS) with multiple layers of security and implements data mirroring which deals into multiple data backups and enhances the overall security of the system. With AWS, the system is up and running around 99.99% time with no lag.

Constant Support

Right from data entry, processing and management to deployment of the application, TechnoSkool takes care of everything and also guides you in order to manage the data more efficiently and productively. TechnoSkool also provides training for the application.

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